CR Instructions

Important information for the preparation of your final paper:

The Future Security proceedings will be published by Springer in the CCIS series. Springer has tight rules for the publication of proceedings in order to ensure a high scientific standard.

Submissions not meeting the standards will not be published, neither in the printed proceedings nor in the online proceedings.

The deadlines given are hard deadlines.

  • You have to submit the form »Consent to Publish«, (available here and at
  • You have to submit a final pdf of the paper, AND
  • You have to submit the source file(s) of the document:

* LATEX files with all associated style files, special fonts and eps or bib files, OR
* Word or rtf-files.

The submission is done via EDAS.

It has to be clear who the corresponding author is.

General remarks:

See the »For authors« / »Author & Editor Guidelines«-section on for additional information!
The information you’ll find there is valid for CCIS publications as well.

  • The printed version of the proceedings contains only black-and-white figures. Make sure that your figures are legible in black-and-white.
  • After the production process of the proceedings has started, no changes are possible any more.
  • Springer will send a final pdf version to the (contact-)author (by e-mail with pdf-attachment) and ask you to check your paper. Please make sure that you or someone being able to act on your behalf has access to your email.
  • Remark for the online version: If your paper contains your e-mail address it will also appear in the metadata of the online version.

Important information for the preparation of your final paper ...