SDF 2012

Prior to its technological realization or the scientific reflection on it, sensor data fusion is an omnipresent capability. In fact, all living creatures by nature or intuitively perform sensor data fusion. Each in their own way, they combine or sensations provided by different and mutually complementary sense organs with knowledge learned from previous experiences and communications from other creatures. The result is a mental model of their individual environment, the basis of behaving appropriately. As a sophisticated technology with significant economic implications, sensor data fusion aims at automating this capability in various areas.

SDF 2012, the 7th in a row of annual workshops, addresses numerous application aspects of sensor data fusion, as well as methodology oriented topics. Its 26 presentations are grouped into 6 sessions. Particular emphasis is placed on Random Finite Set methods, emitter localization and tracking, ground surveillance, resource management, and selected aspects of higherlevel fusion. 15 of the papers were contributed by authors from abroad (Australia, France, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, NL, UK, USA). The contributions from industry, academia, and research institutions let us expect an exchange of ideas, lively discussions, and mutual crossfertilization.

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